Vision and Mission

Government Mahendra Karma Kanya Mahavidyalaya is motivated to provide educational opportunities that empower our girl students to face and overcome challenges as active participants in shaping them.


·   To promote the educational development of under privileged classes including weaker sections to protect them from all sorts of injustice and exploitation.

·       To improve human resource development of the area and to develop the skills, competence, and expertise of the people.

·       To eradicate all sorts of social evils, exploitation, and illiteracy.

·       To conduct research and training programmes for increasing the level of knowledge in various fields.

·    To carry out need-based and value-based education and training programmes for community development and activities for self-reliance and self-employment. Overall Personality Development of the students.


The goal of the college is to provide a suitable environment and training for the overall development of the girl students. the college is not only situated in the tribal belt of the Baster region but also it is the only girls’ college in the surrounding area, so it is our duty or obligation to do all-round development of the girl students of rural and surrounding urban areas.  It is also the goal of our college that the girl students from the college should get higher education and get necessary training which makes them employable.  Government Mahendra Karma Girls College insists that every year admission should be more than the previous year.  The number of girl students in 2021-22 is 342, which in itself proves the success of the college.  In our college, girls come from far and wide to study.  Like Katekalyan, Sukma, Bijapur because it is the only girls’ college in the surrounding area, the hostel is also provided to the girl students by our college, so that the food and lodging of the girls’ students can be cater.