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Mother Nature has given the gift of beauty and prosperityto the district of South Bastar Dantewada. It is situated in the lap ofBailadila hills. In the Ramayana Reign, this place was known as Dandkaranya. Dantewadais a holy & historic city. Dantewada has its fame because it hashistorical, Archaeological, and Cultured qualities in it. In one of the 52Shaktipithas in India Maa Danteshwari Shaktipitha is situated at the confluenceof two holy Rivers known as shankhini – Dankini. The very special cultural characterof the Matriarchal tribe lifestyle, it is attracting the whole world to it.

The relationship between mother nature and culture isa unique quality of this place. The folk culture of Dantewada is amanifestation of nature. All the rituals of tribe's people (the Muriya, the Maria,the Gond and the Halwa) express their relationship with nature. The word Muriyais derived from the word “Mar” (मुर) with means the leaves of the tree. The word 'Madiya'is derived from Maad (माड़) which means cave. Gond means Mountains. Halba meansplough man (हलवाहक). The mountains, cave, leaves are the most importantparts of Dantewada. With the festivals like “Mati tihar”, “Aama tihar” thetribes of Dantewada express their gratitude towards the mother mature. The “Ghotul"system is here the freedom of choice as well as the conscience of males and females.It is a masterpiece of the classic version. The dance which calls the "Gaurdance" is always performed in the middle of Mahua (महुआ) trees isthe voice of great tribes of Dantewada.

This region has been given the great and uniquemassage of spreading emotion to the world. Now, knowledge is also being spreadhere. As we as know knowledge is the carrier of liberation. Since July 2007,this college has started as Naveen Girls College Dantewada with the moto ofbetter synergy of girl’s students and overall personality development throughcreative and folk culture of this free Consciousness. In the lap of mothernature, it is the only girts college of the district Dantewada. 

This college is affiliated with Shaheed MahendraKarma Vishwavidyalaya, Bastar, Jagdalpur. In this college, the Faculty of Arts,Science, and Commerce is run at the undergraduate level and the Faculty of Artsat the postgraduate level.

Since its inception, the number of students studyingin this college has been continuously increasing. The students of the collegeare constantly actively participating in intellectual, cultural, and sports activitiesalong with studies.