Code of Conduct



1.      All students of the Govt. Mahendra Karma Girls College, Dantewada should maintain dignified behavior and the standard of discipline in the college.

2.      Ragging or eve-teasing is strictly prohibited and if anyone indulges in such activities is punishable.

3.      A student must maintain 75% attendance in every subject or she may be debarred from university examination.

4.      Every student should enter the campus premises decently dressed and carry an identity card provided by the college.

5.      Students are expected to read the entire circular/notices on the college notice board or the website of the college.

6.      Every student should pay full attention to his studies, as well as participates in extra-curricular activities organized by the college.

7.      They should not indulge in an activity that may lead to discrimination, harassment, or break communal harmony.

8.      Consumption of any kind of narcotic substance is strictly prohibited within the boundaries of the college.

9.      Students are expected to respect their teachers and other staff.

10.  The student should not use a mobile phone inside the examination hall, library, and classroom.

11.  Students who come to college in a vehicle are advised to keep them in the stand assigned for the purpose.

12.   Students are forbidden from indulging in any type of political activity inside the campus.

13.   Students should hand over any item that is found in any place on the campus, to the office.

14.   Students can approach the Grievance Redressal Cell or the Student Help Desk in any case.

15.   The student must follow the rules and regulations as directed by the college from time to time.